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my name is Krishan König. You can find me on Twitter at @krishankoenig. I do full-stack development, read a lot of books and occasionally I try to be a musician. Currently, I live in Germany near Frankfurt am Main and sometimes in Spain near Girona. In my professional life, I love to work with the combination of Laravel, Vuejs and TailwindCSS - which is my go-to tech stack and with whom I am most productive these days.

I am currently working remotely as a technical consultant on a project basis. If you are interested in working with me, but you are not sure whether I meet your quality standard, I highly recommend checking out my open-source Laravel packages to get a feel if I would be a good match for your company.

This small blog is the first personal project I finished. Here I want to take time to write about my thoughts and stories of failure. I want to show some of the books I am reading and write some techy articles about what I am working at.